Rabu, 27 April 2011

Part 5 : Businessman VS Entrepreneur

On our (m-STARS)  yearly business meeting, our CEO Pak Joseph Lumban Gaol, gave his yearly inspirational speech, the speech talked about the difference between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur, and this blog tells my perspective of that speech.

A Business is born from discontent, a feeling of concern with the current situation, an entrepreneur is someone who took that situation seriously and does action to solve the situation, by creating a product, market the product, manage the product and solve the situation with its product
Toyota started its business from a feeling of concern, that Japan wont be fully independent as long as Japan can not create their own automobile, IBM was born from the need for a computing device in the business world, McDonald was born from the need of serving fast simple food for the people traveling on the highway.

We all know an entrepreneur is someone that created a business and a businessman is someone that runs the business, so all Entrepreneur is a Businessman but the questions is : is all Businessman  an Entrepreneur ? The answer to this question is definitely not

In Running a business, one need to have these 3 basic ability :
1.       Alertness : is the ability to see the changes/needs in the market
2.       Business Acument : is the ability to create/capture/manage opportunity
3.       Financial : is the ability to fund internally/externally a business

As a businessman these 3 basic ability is crucial, if a businessman don’t have these 3 basic ability most certainly the business wont last long or even wont be born at all, but having master these 3 basic ability don’t guarantee a sustainable business either.

As mentioned earlier a business stars from discontent, a feeling of concern and an action to solve this situation, these felling of concern is called “Compassion”.

Compassion stands between just a business and a great business, those who start their business from compassion usually ends up with a great business, just like Body Shoppe – starts from discontent of the cosmetics industry who uses animals for product testing.

An Entrepreneur is not just a businessman, an entrepreneur is a great businessman, so what does differentiate a businessman from an entrepreneur ? the answer is compassion.

Compassion drives an entrepreneur to do what ever it takes to solve the situation to create, market and manage a product that not just drive profit to an entrepreneur but also give benefit to the society, therefore creating not just a business , it creates a great sustainable business. A Business that only takes profit and doesn’t give any benefit to the society wont last long.

Compassion is the soul of the business, it’s the soul of the brand, it’s the soul of daily business operation. One can manage a business well and thus one is called a businessman, but those who put compassion in managing a business is called an entrepreneur – whether one is a business owner or not is not relevant, since entrepreneurship is a matter of the heart in managing a business is not a matter of ownership – Put compassion in your business and be a great entrepreneur not just a businessman.

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